Financial security through mangoes 
‘We dry fruit to prevent poverty and waste’


Growth through access to knowledge and networks in Kenya

Creating chances in Africa

Rabo Foundation is the non profit arm of the Rabobank Group. 
Founded in 1974 with headquarts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 
We invest in the self-sufficiency of farmer organizations in more than
22 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We provide access to finance, knowledge, network and new technological developments. 

SMEs are also closely linked to small holder famers in their supply chain. These organizations engage with smallholder farmers by providing loans, training and

and access to markets which result in self-reliance and better livelihoods for smallholder farmers. Such organizations often lack sufficient capital and technical expertise to be able to provide optimum support. With financing, know-how and an extensive network, RaboFoundation supports these organizations to operate more professionally and efficiently. 

In developing countries, smallholder farmers such as those in dairy and coffee value chains are often affiliated to savings and credit cooperatives and producer organizations.

but difficult social relations 

Africa  -
continent  of  unlimited 

Access to finance

Rabo Foundation provides financial solutions like loans, trade financing and guarantees. 

Access to knowledge

We share the cooperative, banking and agricultural expertise that the Rabobank Group has built up over more than 100 years. We also provide technical assistance to strengthen the organizations in order to achieve increased produc-tion and improved product quality. In addition we share know-how about gover-nance and financial management. 

Access to network

We believe in the strength of networks which extends globally and spans the entire food & agrichain. We collaborate with food & agriclients of the Rabobank Group and various other stakeholders. We actively bring them together to improve the position of smallholder farmers.

Access to technological developments

RaboFoundation collaborates with Fin-Techand AgTechstart-ups which benefit small holder farmers by way of inno-vations that enable better payment solutions, trans-parent supply chain efficiencies, to name a few. 

What we offer

106  African organizations
financed in 2018

xx Producer organizations
xx Saving and credit organizations xx SMEs 

€ 10.8 million invested in 2018

All major foodchains

coffee, dairy, horticulture, nuts, cereals and pulses

€ 10,8 m